12 April 2011

RE-RELEASED: Tracking Perception by Cherri Galbiati

An entertaining and engaging mystery, and one I'd recommend to all mystery fans, but especially those who are dog-lovers. Dogs play an integral part in the story and it is obvious that Galbiati writes from experience. (Tracking Perception was originally published by L & L Dreamspell as The Scent of Money.)

A bloody murder at the Piper Mansion. The only witness, Tasha – a German shepherd dog…

There’s been a murder in Spike, a small Texas town. The bank president and his wife were found in their home with slashed throats. The discovery occurred when four church ladies came to visit for the monthly financials. After stumbling onto the gruesome scene they decided to clean things up before calling the police, to spare the town from seeing the atrocity.

When Becky McAllen, who happens to be married to the chief of police, becomes Tasha’s caretaker, she becomes the killer’s next target… a murderer who’s after much more than blood.

“This is an intriguing mystery, filled with twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing throughout. Galbiati’s small-town descriptive draws the reader into the story with a sense of actually being there. Becca has a feisty nature and is a delightful character, a woman who has no problem standing up for herself and who loves her husband very much. The relationship between Matt and Becca is at the center of the story and offers a sweet touch against the dark premise of murder. Tasha, the German shepherd, is an added bonus among a cast of lovable characters. The Scent of Money easily meets the criteria for a guaranteed good read: engaging characters, realistic dialogue, a galvanizing plot, and action-packed suspense.” – Midwest Book Review


Cherri Galbiati grew up on the outskirts of a small town in rural Louisiana, but moved to Houston, Texas while still in grade school. By the seventh grade Cherri knew she wanted to be a writer. She attended college at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. After that she traveled throughout Scotland, London, Germany and France before returning to make Houston her home.

Her interests include reading, writing, knitting and crocheting. and she's also a coffee connoisseur. She enjoys her coffee. Really loves her coffee.

CANINE FAMILY - Animals are a huge part in Cherri and her husband's lives, as several German shepherds and a Great Pyrenees reside with them in their home. Two of her German shepherds were active Search and Rescue dogs. One is a retired canine police officer. These animals served their communities well and are retired from duty. Her dogs have inspired her series of books. Visit her at: cherrigalbiati.com



  1. Vicki,
    Thank you! What a neat surprise to see this :-)

    Cherri xx
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  2. I have this book! It's one of my favorites - written by a skilled author!


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  3. A beaut read... in Cherri's distinctive style :D)

  4. I agree: Cherri's writing style is both distinctive and engaging. A pleasure to read.