08 April 2011

NEW: Annalisa's Highway Blues by David Reichart

David Reichart spent eight years writing for newspapers, and another five as a freelance copywriter, but it was his work as an over-the-road truck driver that provided the inspiration for his debut novel, a romance with an anything but stereotypical heroine.

A family crisis forces Annalisa Rochon, a beautiful but inexperienced small-town girl, into the male-dominated world of long-haul trucking, where she finds danger, loneliness, hard work and something unexpected out on the road--the kind of romance she had always dreamed of.

Ex-Marine Mike Cindik, son of a wealthy industrialist, has a contentious meeting with Annalisa while she's delivering a load to one of his father's warehouses and, in the aftermath, becomes completely captivated by this exotic, strange-talking, truck-driving Louisiana girl…


I thought about using a pen name for this novel, which I consider a romantic comedy, because a man’s name attached to a romance might have a negative effect. No doubt it would have been a disadvantage if I had gone through the traditional route, trying to interest agents and publishers. But I’m jumping into independent publishing with both feet so I decided to just enjoy being in control. What the heck?

I’m trying to build an audience for future books, so I guess it makes sense to use my own name. Subsequent works won’t be romance novels, necessarily, though romantic encounters are fun to write and will no doubt be a big part of the stories.

People who love romance novels have certain expectations, and they might not find all of them met in Annalisa’s Highway Blues, but I think they–as well as a general audience--will enjoy pulling for my heroine, Annalisa Rochon. It’s a story of two people from vastly different worlds who are actually quite right for each other, finally realize it, and then have to overcome difficult obstacles to eventually get together.

I was an over-the-road truck driver for two years, so this is painstakingly researched. Annalisa’s Highway Blues is the story that kept rolling around in my mind as I was driving around the country. I had to get it out of my system, and I finally did, thanks to Smashwords and Amazon.
It’s an exciting time for people who have stories to tell.


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