11 August 2011

Books for your Kindle for £6 or less... or US$5 or less.

Looking for great reads at bargain prices? Check out:

Each day, DailyCheapReads list cheap reads available for your Kindle reader through Amazon. They guarantee no book will be priced over £6 in the UK or $5 in the US. At least once a day, they post a SuperCheap read for less than £2/$2. They also post FREE books as soon as they become available. The only thing better than cheap is free.

I’m a DailyCheapReads fan and follow them via their RSS feed (picked up many excellent reads, too), but you can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with their daily postings and announcements.

P.S. I realise I'm probably preaching to the converted here. :)


  1. Ahh Vicki, but preaching to the converted is so rewarding. Never a disagreement and the guarantee of at least polite applause.

    BTW, congrats on Fatal Liaison and a great review on Mother Load!

  2. LOL--preaching is good, especially when it's cheap or free and is all about books. What a neat site. Thanks for sharing!

    How are those "Roos" doing?

  3. LOL You guys crack me up. :)

    Thanks, Bob.

    Cherri, the roos are still boinging. They've got it down to a fine art. :)