30 June 2011

Fair Dinkum Crime Baker’s Dozen

Image courtesy of Pat at Lost and Found

Fair Dinkum Crime is a must-follow blog for all fans of Australian crime fiction. Hosted by Adelaide-based book bloggers, Kerrie and Bernadette, the site is a treasure trove of book reviews, author interviews, news, award updates and anything else relevant to Australian crime fiction.

One of Fair Dinkum Crime’s regular features is the Baker’s Dozen interview – their version of the author interview. Instead of the standard questions, the authors are provided with thirteen sentence beginnings. So far, they've "interviewed" Aussie authors:
  1. Felicity Young
  2. P M Newton
  3. Sulari Gentill
  4. Leah Giarratano
  5. Brian Kavanagh
  6. Phillipa (PD) Martin
  7. Michael Robotham
  8. Michael Duffy
  9. Rosanne Dingli
  10. Vicki Tyley

I'm both honoured and humbled to be in such esteemed company – I'm a big fan of many of them. If you enjoy good crime fiction, you can't go past any of these authors. (Unfortunately, not all are available in digital format... yet.)


  1. Thanks for the recommendation Vicki - am headed over there now.
    Their interview technique sounds good too :D)

  2. Clever answers, Missy! Shows you can "think on your feet." :-)


  3. Susan, it's all fair dinkum. ;-)

    Thanks, Cherri. I try.