21 February 2011

Say it with flowers...

Today marks the day that friend and award-winning author Scott Nicholson becomes a fulltime fiction writer.

"It's the day I became (or am becoming) a full-time fiction writer. Well, also an editor, gardener, and occasional non-fiction writer. Plus maybe other things for money. But it's cool to say, very pompously, "A-hem, I am a full-time fiction writer." Back when I was a writer, I never told people I was a writer. Now I'm a writer and I feel pretty much the same, except I wear clothes with holes in them and don't have to comb my hair.

Anyway, when they unroll the crumbling scrolls in 2049 and look back at the myth that was Scott Nicholson, this will be the birth date. I expect to fail spectacularly, but it also feels so completely natural, as if all my life has pointed and led to this, that resistance is futile. Success, come and take me. I no longer fight you, and I'm no longer afraid one way or another." ~ Scott Nicholson

Help Scott celebrate with FLOWERS, his fantasy and paranormal collection – only 99 cents at Amazon and BN.com.
Contains the Writers of the Future Award-winning story "The Vampire Shortstop" and 11 other tales of magic, romance, and the supernatural, including the Makers series in which children control the essential forces of the world. Includes "The Boy Who Saw Fire," "In The Heart of November," and "Invisible Friend."

Congratulations, Scott. Here's to you...

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