07 July 2011

New Forensics Blog for Writers

Tom Adair is a retired, internationally recognized, forensic scientist/CSI in Colorado (US). I am excited to announce that he's recently launched FORENSICS4FICTION, a forensics blog aimed specifically at mystery/crime writers. (Fun categories for the historical, science fiction, and fantasy/paranormal writers coming soon.)

Tom welcomes questions about forensics and law enforcement in general . Email him your questions/suggestions.

Thanks, Tom.


  1. Everything at our fingertips. This is the way to live!

    P.S. Love your new profile picture :>)

  2. I thought so, too. A very useful resource for crime writers.

    Vicki xx

    P.S. Thanks, Cherri. :o)

  3. Forensic Experts, scientists and investigators help to solve crimes by collecting and examining evidences and other facts found at the crime scene.

    These evidences may be fingerprints, handwriting samples, charred documents, blood, semen, bullets, explosives, firearms, saliva, hair, computer, hard disk, storage media, password protected files, mobile phones, Sim cards, bank records, drugs, dead bodies, teeth's, tire marks, foot prints, soil, paint, currency, cloth, bite marks, insects, bones or skeletons, etc.